For 13 years, I believe that I was extremely lucky in life and I do what I love. I photograph weddings and portraits of different people. The most important thing in the shooting is the atmosphere and details. All this can be captured in the picture only if you hear a person, understand what will be close to him.


Small backstage video from weddings

For me the wedding photography is a combination of the documentary and the portrait photography. If there is not either of these elements in the photo, you cannot call these photos fully as wedding ones.

For 10 years of my experience in a portrait photography and 8 years of  teaching experience I have learned to take photos of people so that a picture of everyone is taken successfully.

The point is not only in my experience and knowledge (however, both of them define the quality of photos), but I am also fond of people. Being careful to the atmosphere and the course of the event, I try to take photo of each participant of the event in the most expressive way.

From my point of view the photographer cannot take really emotional and truthful pictures of the couple and other participants of the wedding without empathy. These pictures can be impeccable in a technical way but without love they would not excite as well as cause strong feelings for which we invite the wedding photographer.    
1. Consultation
During the meeting I try to get to know not only about the wedding day but also about you, your favorite places, how you like to spend time, how you met, preferences in music or films etc.

The information about you helps me a lot to make your wedding as an individual and a heartful day.

2. Pre-wedding photosession
As a rule, pre-wedding photography is  made several weeks before the wedding day. In a progress of the photography I pay attention to your interaction with each other in front of the camera and I catch lively moments, give valuable advice so that everything in the shot looks appropriate.

The task of the photography is to make you get used to being in front of the camera, feel relaxed and do not worry during the wedding.

About 5-7 days after the shooting I send 10-15 photos so that you choose what you like and what you do not like.

For instance, if a place, which the couple chose from the beginning, does not look great in the shot I can offer places that I found for the couple before.Thanks to these solutions the wedding photography gives even better results.    
3. Wedding Day
Before going to a shooting I learn the atmosphere around very carefully. I concentrate on the light and emotions, getting into a process minimally.

 I never use standard ways like shooting the rings on the heel, hanging the dress on a tree. You never hear my instructions such as „look here and be quiet” , „put on the garter”. All this rough setting can spoil the unique pictures and make them routine and unnatural.

 As a photographer I define an advantageous side for each person very fast and change the point of the shooting at once to record a lively moment taking care about the atmosphere and the course of the wedding. During the celebration I always try to take photos of all invited people very well. In my shots guests are not the background, they are the participants of the event. To make all the people presentable, interesting and expressive is very important for me. I am very passionate to any details that can be corrected. I revise every shot so that each guest of the wedding will like the photos individually.